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Forging Ahead


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Forging Ahead.

This year has been one of the most challenging and uncertain times we have ever experienced. With the entire planet on “house arrest,” it gave us time to pause, breathe, and reassess what is most important in our lives. This giant reset button has forced us to get off the treadmill and have an open mind to achieve a new kind of live/work balance.

We have returned to work forever changed, missing our hugs and kisses, coffees, magazines, and all the full-service perks we were accustomed to giving our clients. Our establishments have been kept spotless and have been following protocol for months. We have adapted and are doing our best to get through this.

The mission of this issue is to express the positivity and changes that have been implemented in our industry since the pandemic. Operating our businesses now requires a whole new mindset. We reached out to some of the top hair, beauty, nail, barber, and spa establishments across Canada in hopes of sharing great ideas, solutions, and comradery. Necessity is the mother of invention and these business owners have discovered opportunity in chaos. They have a mindset of resilience and perseverance, ready to accept change and pivot swiftly to make pragmatic choices for their future.

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