KM shows us some LOVE

By: Cheryl Gushue

On September 16 & 17 at Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, KEVIN.MURPHY shows the industry some love. Future love that is. It was an exciting two days with a spectacular runway show of an eclectic mix of models showcasing many styles and a second day of look-and-learn classes.  The event was all about the vision behind his 2018 collection as well as touching on fast fashion hair trends, what color and styles to watch for in the coming seasons and demonstrating his latest, unique hair how-tos.

According to KEVIN.MURPHY  “Fashion’s current mood is one of individualism, meaning there are no seasons, only temperature and choice.  FUTURE.LOVE will guide you with a map of experiences and knowledge to navigate the imminent future. We may communicate in pixels, but we will always return to artisan values and this makes the work we do with our hands more important than ever in the digital age”.

The show created by the KM Global Artistic team was a high voltage visual explosion of colors and textures.  It commenced with a live bohemian vibe band followed by an army of models strutting the runway with an interlude of robotic dancers who lit up as they danced in the dark.  The Global Artistic Team came out in pairs to create a quick stage-worthy look on their models in a super fast pace that had the audience applauding and screaming. It was an exciting energy throughout the entire show.   

The next day followed with break-out sessions called SHOOT.ME and BRAND.ME with Kevin doing a live model shoot on stage with photographer Luis Murphy.  He spoke about what makes a killer editorial shoot and how to achieve it creating beautiful images with his 2018 collection looks. BRAND.ME was all about the essential business side of being a hair professional.  We learned how to use products, marketing, collections, photo shoots and shows to create your brand.  There were several other classes about blonde color work, detailing, cutting, editorials, backstage work, mens looks and more.

The exciting announcement came at the end of the show with Kevin telling us about his sustainability initiative.  Aligning with the heart of the KM brand he has made the choice to switch his bottles over to 100% Ocean Waste Plastic beginning in 2019.  This means bottles made out of recycled plastic! This process not only means retrieving ocean waste to create these bottles but also not contributing to making more destructive products for the planet.  Kevin says “I don’t want to be a part of the problem. I want to be part of the solution.”