Album Hair Brings a Fresh Vibe to the Eastside.

Dat Tran brings us into future with his unique concept and design

BY: Cheryl Gushue

Pro Stylist Dat Tran opens his second location in Toronto’s trendy east end Riverdale neighbourhood.  Dat’s editorial flair and unique style is apparent in his “hotel-look” minimalist decor. The salon Album Hair, was conceptualized by the well-known restaurant/hotel design studio, Navigate Design to create a pale wood, open-concept style.  

Dat loves wood and metal with an industrial element like his other location.  The existing red brick wall that was painted in a washed-out white to blend with the rest of the muted, light wood.  The countertops, bar and reception is a neutral stone which is not only durable but aesthetically modern. The stations in the centre of the salon are on wheels and totally movable so that it can open up to an event space when needed.  He likes the idea of being in the centre of the space to see the action happening all around him.

He wanted a place that his clients could come after work and hang out for hours.  The long back bar will be licensed where you can have a drink and interact with other clients and staff.  A client could sit and have a drink while they get a customized Album Hair treatment product mixed for them on the spot.  

Sustainability is important to Album Hair.  He has been a member of Green Circle Salons for eight years.  He recycles hair and foil through their program. The salon uses filtered water for a better shampoo and longevity to his clients color.  The softened water does not have the calcium and minerals that cause build up on the hair. Dat realizes the importance of lighting to clearly see the hair shape and color.  The LED lighting is a perfect white balance and is sustainable which saves the salon in electrical expenses.

Every detail of the space has been thoughtfully calculated.   He has even addressed his clients that prefer privacy that can enter through the back and come downstairs to his exclusive boutique salon for one.  I’m sure his clients feel like they have had a unique experience that keeps them coming back for more.