Photography: EMI NAILS

We spoke with Irina Jacobson about leaving her homeland Russia to start from scratch with a nail school and the rights in Canada to the Russian brand EMI nails.

What made you decide to open a school?

Starting my education and career in Israel, I was a nail technician for over eighteen years with a very successful small business and regular clients who appreciated my work. During that time, people were asking me to teach them how to create the same level of service. I realized that I have the ability to teach others in a very unique way and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. When I immigrated to Canada, I discovered that, with my knowledge and experience, I could help nail techs upgrade their skills to a higher level and increase their clientele and profits.

Our business is very young. We opened two years ago. It was our dream to bring something new and fresh to Canada from Europe. We love high quality products and ingredients, so EMI was perfect for that. We also wanted to upgrade the knowledge and skills in the Canadian nail industry.

What makes the EMI brand special?

EMI is a luxury brand that is inspired and driven by the latest international fashion trends. They are known for their unique techniques and having an enormous variety of different products. They are 7-free and cruelty-free, using the best and healthiest product ingredients certified by the highest European standards.

How did your school pivot during the pandemic?

First, we decided to support nail techs and launched a free online upgrade marathon to teach nail professionals new designs so they have something different to offer once they reopen. We also launched our online school and individual one-on-one training courses. Online business has definitely become a bigger focus and we have been EMI-SCHOOL.CA @EMISCHOOL_CANADA EMI NAIL SCHOOL & DISTRIBUTION CANADA @EMICANADA EMI NAIL SCHOOL AND DISTRIBUTION CANADA trying different things like doing more Instagram “Lives” and giving as much as we can to support technicians everywhere during these uncertain times. We believe in extending every bit of help and support that we can because we are all going through this at the same time.

What is in the future for EMI Nails and the nail industry?

We will continue to be online and help people who can’t come to visit us for different reasons. Our online school is constantly developing and growing. We plan on having many different courses available for any and all proficiency and comfort levels and for all interests. We also always offer the support of our staff and instructors during and after education. We truly want to give 100% to every student to help them succeed and be accomplished.