IBX is a revolutionary two-part system that toughens the natural nail from within so that it can grow on its own. It also acts as a “protective shield” inside the natural nail under all nail enhancements, including acrylic nails. While IBX® is applied to the surface of the nail, when this treatment is done, there is nothing on top of the nails; it’s all inside.

We’re done hiding from problem nails, so we’ve found a way to really help them. The UV/LED curable technology in IBX® penetrates into the upper layers of the nail plate fusing them together by creating an interpenetrating polymer network IBX® DONE HIDING FROM NAIL PROBLEMS that becomes a permanent addition to the nail and is the foundation of the IBX® magic that encourages natural nail growth and protects nails underneath all enhancements. Unlike other formaldehyde-based products, IBX® gives you flexible nails instead of brittle ones. IBX can be used on a regular basis to keep the natural nail in great shape. The IBX® SYSTEM is a service-based product to use on your clients and provides you with incremental revenue as an add-on service.


  • Repairs severe or chronic nail damage that would typically prevent nail growth (IBX® REPAIR).
  • Internally toughens the nail plate to allow for growth (IBX® STRENGTHEN).
  • Fills up grooves to smooth the nail plate.
  • Improves natural nail colour and appearance.
  • Protects the natural nail plate from the damage that can sometimes happen when removing an enhancement.

What makes IBX® different is that IBX® is the first treatment of its kind—a toughener that works inside the nail plate, instead of an enhancement that just sits on top.

Find IBX here: www.famousnamesproducts.com/ibx/