Our furry little sisters (not twins) called brows have been trendsetters for years. Much like our closets, brows have gone through various cycles. Looking at the 90s and early 00s, we saw the trend of a “thin over-plucked brow.” I’ve been guilty of this look! I went from a “unibrow” in high school to “barely there brows” in college. But the “over-plucked brow” fashion is a style of the past and won’t be revived anytime soon.

Next came the “block brow” or “stamped-on brow” that overthrew the thin brow. Versions of a solid to an ombre block brow took over Instagram. I found this look time-consuming to create, and not to the liking of my mother. Farewell, “block brow”!

In the late 2010s, microblading hit the market. With microblading, the professional can design and mimic brow hairs with a disposable blade that helps scratch and deposit semi-permanent pigment under the skin. Your client can have little to no brow hairs and after their first treatment, they have lifelike brows that are full and will wow everybody.

We are living in a brow obsessed culture, so what could possibly be the 2021 craze for brows? Brow Lamination! While waterproof brow gels and pencils can keep brows and arches full and intact for the day, brow lamination will keep the brows on point for days. Brow lamination is truly changing the brow game and for the better, as fluffy, full brows will always stay in style. Thick is in!

Let us delve deeper into this alternative to micro-stroke brow tattooing and see what it involves and the looks that can be achieved. This latest beauty craze might be great for your clients. If you are wondering how on earth brows can be laminated, keep on reading and I will give you the 101.

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