Beauty industry professionals have had to upgrade their way of work by ensuring to follow proper infection control methods and best practices in their salons, spas, barbershops, and nail bars. CBON (Cosmetic Brands of North America) has been distributing infection control products and offering education to beauty professionals for over a decade. With the onset of COVID-19, CBON has invested in a “Beauty Industry Gold Standard of Infection Control Education” that is now available online at These free programs and modules are offered in both French and English and can be done from the comfort of your home at your own pace. Over 4,000 professionals have already signed up through the website!

The education is segmented in modules. First, there is the ‘Fundamental Program,’ which is a prerequisite to access all the other modules. The ‘Fundamental Program’ is broken into eleven sections starting from the basics such as “what is a pathogen” and “how it reproduces” to the “reprocessing of instruments” and everything in between. Once the fundamental program has been completed, you will gain access to specific modules in your sector of the beauty industry such as hairdressers, barbers, and aestheticians.

The ‘Fundamental Program’ can take between four to six hours depending on the modules you choose. A minimum of 80% correct answers is required to pass and attain certification. A certificate can then be downloaded and printed, showing everyone that you care about infection control, your business, and your customers.

Mobile Infection Control Education RV

The CBON Group has spent months restoring a 1973 GMC RV, completely revamping its interior amenities with beauty industry-specific equipment to become a mobile infection control education centre. Complete with a salon station, massage table, and a nail station, the RV has been on the road in Canada since April 2021 with plans to visit the vast network of beauty industry distributors across the country.

The CBON Infection Control RV is a fun, eye-catching physical reminder to the beauty industry (and the public) of the importance of Infection Control and the use of routine infection control practices in all sectors of the beauty industry. The RV also provides educational information, visual understanding, and support to all your infection control needs.

Contact your distributor to find out when the CBON Infection Control RV will be visiting your area.

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