Making the Mullet Cool Again

Matthew Collins takes us through the most spoken-about do’ on this year’s red carpet.

By: Wendy Lee Hynes

Stranger Things actor, Joe Keery hit the red carpet at the 70th Emmy’s Award Ceremony rocking a mullet. Yes, a mullet! The man behind the mullet is Canadian Celebrity Stylist Matthew Collins (@matthewstylist) The voluminous do’ no doubt caught the attention of social media, and had everyone talking, so we had to get the low down on this look.

The inspiration behind the look, according to Matthew was more of a circumstance than anything, Matthew cuts Joe’s hair during the taping of Stranger Things which is currently in production and he was told that the mullet was there to stay. Matthew says excitedly, “I was totally all about it being a mullet and how cool that would be. then wondering how I was going to make this really look cool and have people not be like what the f*** is this. It was a bit of a challenge.”



Below Matthew tells us just exactly how he made the mullet cool again in seven simple steps!

Step 1:
Matthew started by using the Baxter of California Grooving Cream. He put a little bit in his hands (just the amount that you would use to moisturize your face) and applied the cream all the way through his client’s hair.

Step 2:
He continued by brushing the front of his hairline back – not to give it more volume, but just for a more controlled come back, as Joe had a couple of cowlicks in the front.

Step 3:
Then Matthew used the Baxter of California Clay Effect Style Spray.  Matthew explains, “It’s kind of like the same thing as a Pomade but it’s in the spray form.” He used this product for the sides of the mullet to blow-dry down for volume. If the sides were too slick it would accentuate the mullet too much and create a more extreme look.

Step 4:
Then Matthew moved on to the back and blow dried the rest so he could keep the natural movement in the hair. At the the bottom, Matthew gave it a scrunch with his own hand for more texture and so that it doesn’t look so as Matthew explains, “mullet-y”

Step 5:
He then applied the Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade by multiplying it through his hands and raking it using his fingers throughout the hair, making the sides a bit tight and giving the top good volume.

Step 6:
Once Matthew was done with the texture, he took light-weight setting clips and put them all the way through his head to scale the mullet back. Keeping the separation was key as there was at least four hours before Joe Keery would be photographed on the red carpet. “The biggest thing I realize with red carpet is that you’re never in the car finishing up before they hit the red carpet, there are hours and hours. So the style has to last.” Matthew explains.

Step 7:
After the clips went in he sprayed the clips with Baxter of California Style Spray over top and used the Dyson Supersonic with the diffuser to lock it in with a clay pomade, which would allow Joe to be able to put his hands through his hair naturally while preserving the style.