RMS Beauty Event

RMS dishes the goods on organic beauty at Olivia Colacci Salon


Rose Marie Swift the founder of RMS Beauty gave a presentation to makeup artists and beauty experts about her wonderful organic makeup brand hosted at Olivia Colacci Salon in Toronto.  Rose Marie spoke frankly and was quite humorous about the inside scoop on ingredients in the beauty industry. She created the brand after a personal health problem with the intention of spreading the word of health and beauty.

She is an accomplished makeup artist who has done tons of runway, celebrity and photoshoot work.  She told us stories of the lovely supermodel Gisele sitting in her chair. Her style is fresh, clean and natural bringing out the unique features of each individual she works on.

The RMS brand is based on living and organic principles with each product formulated to give radiant, illuminated skin.  She uses raw, food-grade organic ingredients to protect the nourishing qualities of their natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which generally get destroyed by heat and chemical manipulation. 

RMS products are generously pigmented cream based that work on lips, cheeks and eyes for a fresh, youthful and modern look.  The brand is fabulous for mature skin due to it’s anti-aging and nourishing ingredients but great for any age too!


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