The Wella Company Canada

Fay Linksman, Studio Manager – Wella Studio Toronto

At The Wella Company we’ve always been at the forefront of Digital Education, whether through the Wella Education App, or through our social channels to ensure we reach and inspire both Hairstylists and Nail Artists alike with our portfolio of brands: Wella, Sebastian, Nioxin, GHD & OPI.  With the current reality of Covid-19, it’s no wonder that we have increased our commitment to the industry across Canada.  

Virtual Education has made the world a whole lot smaller and more accessible -you don’t have to get on a plane to receive education from the most inspiring artists around the globe. However we believe that it’s important to act locally, especially in the French Canadian market, to ensure that we continue the personal relationships that we have established with our salons and stylists, and that the content delivered really speaks to the unique needs of the Canadian hairdresser.  At the Wella Company Canada, we are focusing on four different pillars of education that can all be found in one place at