Consumer Spotlight: Wise Men’s Hair Care by Adriana Ermter

With roots in the barbershop, Canadian consumer brand Wise Men’s Hair Care is driven by professional cutting, styling and haircare knowledge. It’s three Montreal-based founders —André Barsalou, Simon Chercuitte and Abraham Gusman—wanted to create environmentally friendly, healthy and stylishly packaged artisanal men’s haircare products to fill what they saw as a need in the grooming industry. 

By catering to Millennials and the latter end of Gen Z’ers, they’re tapping into the new generations of conscious consumers who want cause-based, carefully sourced personal care products with green, natural and/or organic ingredients. And their choice to do so is on the money. Some might even say it’s wise.

According to Grand View Research, consumer demand for green hair and skincare products is escalating and as a result, the global organic beauty market is projected to grow into a US$15 billion industry in the next two years. Persistence Market Research claims that it’ll pop even further to an all-time high of US$22 billion by 2024. Proof that companies like Wise with their minimal and select range of skus are on the cutting edge of this developing trend. And while these retailers favoured platform of choice is digital with no current vision of brick and mortar in their future, they may also be receptive to providing like-minded salons with a selection of their wares. 

Not only does their packaging make a solid first impression, their green, products hold a highly ethical and quality standard by not including artificial colour and fragrance, parabens, phthalates or sulfates into their formulations. In their place are botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants—all not tested on animals. Plus, their eco-conscious, recyclable, reusable, refillable bottles, tubes and pouches of shampoo, pomade and even a neem wood comb, look as chic as they are effective. Could be a wise option to offer clients in the near future.

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