Alex Chabot’s expertise in ultra precise cutting, extravagant updos, and advanced colour techniques make him a master at his craft. His touches of humor and down to earth side make him a warm person.  He loves to share his passion for fashion and hairdressing. From a young age, Alex was influenced by the arts, painting, photography and other artistic sources gravitating around him.


On the international side, Alex stood out in spectacular shows in countries like Italy, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, United States, Ukraine, Belgium, Mexico, Spain and many more. He also worked on many international trend shoots in New York. He is often called on to write articles as a consultant on fashion, trends and business for magazines in many countries.

He is co-owner of NZO Salon, a 6,000 ft location offering a large selection of beauty services.  Chabot created one of the biggest sustainable salons in Canada. In partnership with Green Circle Salons, they recycle all waste, chemical product and hair as well as composting all natural waste created by services. The entire building has been constructed from scratch with attention to detail to make it as sustainable as possible. 


Chabot has been working alongside Biolage for more than fifteen years. The Biolage brand has been a great partner in his journey to a sustainable salon. Throughout the past years NZO has continued to grow, sharing the same vision as Biolage to offer an experience that is good for your hair, good for you and good for the planet through clean and natural products. 

Biolage as made a huge shift two years ago with the launch of R.A.W. making the brand one of the most sustainable professional product lines to help salons provide memorable experiences with sustainable hair care practices. Stay tuned, there is more to come with the 2019 innovations focused on salon services as well as the launch of Biolage natural vegan color range next year.

You can find Alex at NZO Salon


Alex Chabot NZO Salon from Canadian Hairdresser Magazine on Vimeo.