In 2018, FASTFOILS ™ was developed by Ben Barkworth with the goal of creating a product to help stylists work faster, allowing them to see more clients in a single day.

The technology in FASTFOILS ™ is designed to speed up the colouring processing time by 25%, allowing stylists to see more clients, generate more revenue, and give clients the luxury to get in and out of the chair quicker and get back to their busy schedules.


  • Ultra-black coating technology reaches a higher temperature faster than regular foils
  • Retains heat resulting in up to 25% faster processing time.
  • A bigger foil speeds up application time by up to 50% by allowing stylists to cover two sections at once.
  • The foil protects from section bleeding and allows the lightener to achieve the desired lightness level.
  • Perfect for balayage applications.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Pre-cut for easy, quick application

FASTFOILS ™ are specially-coated foils for highlighting, activated by heat. They transfer and hold heat more effectively than regular foils, allowing for a 25% faster processing time and eliminating the need to use potentially damaging, higher levels of developer. The exclusive ultra-black coating technology enables superior heat transfer and distribution compared to regular foils.

The brand recently upped their game once again with the introduction of the newest size to their collection; the bigger, brighter, blonder high performance hair colouring foil. This new “8×10” medium heavy foil is designed to help you apply larger sections from ear-to-ear, nape-tocrown, faster and more efficiently. This is truly a revolutionary twist on creating a perfect colour masterpiece. This will not only decrease colour processing time, it also won’t compromise the quality of your work. Time to think smarter about your time behind the chair!

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