Photo: Magdalena M.

Beauty Expert and Editor in Chief Cheryl Gushue gives us the goods on all of her favorite beauty products and tools. As the industry grows and technology changes you can find the latest innovations in the beauty world that are tried and tested by an industry veteran.

RMS Lip2Cheek 

Creme blush is my favorite product to give the skin a healthy glow.  It keeps the cheeks looking fresh, dewy and youthful.  It’s great for older skin too since it goes on like real skin unlike powders that can tend to look dry.  It’s easily applied with a blush brush in upward swirling motions just like how you would use a powdered blush.  If you find you have gone overboard just take a clean wedge sponge to remove excess and blend out the edges.  My favorite shade and product for this is RMS Lip2Cheek in the pink shade Smile.  It works beautifully on every skin tone.

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Foreo UFO

Great to use during a spa facial!

The new Smart Mask device from Foreo boasts hyper-infusion technology that pushes premium Korean skincare formulas into the deepest layers of your skin. It combines heat and cold, T-Sonic pulsations, and red, blue and green LED light therapy across pre-set programmes for a relaxing, professional spa treatment. It’s 100% waterproof and made from antibacterial silicone––great for keeping things hygienic. It accomplishes a 20-minute process in 90 seconds. Why not use this during your spa facials and offer an extra service that no one else does?

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Kjaer Weis Lip Tint

The first thing that attracted me to the Kjaer Weis brand was the beautiful, weighty metal component that housed her refillable makeup products.  Being the branding snob that I am,  I have not seen a clean makeup line like this in the beauty market   I instantly fell in love with the lip tint Rapture.  This sheer and buildable berry tone is great for the lips and cheeks because of the nourishing Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax, Rosa Seed Oil and Gardenia Fruit Extract.  It is 95% agriculturally derived from organic farming.  This brand combines non toxic beauty with chic luxury which is right up my alley.

Parlux Eco Dryer

As a beauty editor I get to hear about favorite tools from the best stylists in the industry.  I can’t tell you how many times Parlux has been brought as one of the top hair dryers because of it’s powerful motor, light-weight material and durability.  I have curly hair and have worked out my biceps for many years due to blow drying my hair myself.  I can attest because of the ceramic and ionic technology and powerful motor it has cut down my drying time by about ten minutes.  Now I can give my biceps a bit of rest while having beautifully straight, healthy hair.

Ella & Mila 

Soy Polish Remover

Finally a soy-based nail polish remover that doesn’t turn my fingertips into a dry chalky mess! That’s because it’s enriched with Vitamins A, C & E as well as Lavender Essential oil to promote healthy nails.  There are no harsh acetates to dry out your skin.  You have to be a bit patient and wait 20 seconds before you can wipe away but the upside is it will certainly leave your hands soft. Lip Scrub – Rosey Kisses

Lip Scrub – Rosey Kisses

Post winter dry lips are no challenge for the Lip Scrub that is vitamin E and shea butter enriched for a kissable pout.  There are no parabens, phthalates, lanolin or gluten in this vegan scrub.  I love the rose scent.


Authentic Nourishing Oil

My favorite way to hydrate my body is with dry oil.  It gives a fabulous healthy glow and the oil absorbs quickly but not completely, leaving your skin super soft with a radiant glow.  The Authentic Nourishing Oil is chocked full of vitamins and antioxidants. This clean oil is made from shea butter and organic safflower, sesame, sunflower and jojoba oils and is super gentle to be used on the face, body and hair.  It’s always great when you are travelling and sustainable to have three products in one!

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

I absolutely hate popping pills so when I heard there was a hair vitamin that was natural, gluten free vegan and tasted like candy I had to try it out.  These sweet gummies are made with real berries, coconut oil and a dash of sugar.  How does it help your hair grow?  It’s full of Biotin and Vitamins B-12, A, C, D, E….. pretty much the whole alphabet of goodness.   Now I look forward to taking my vitamins.


My quest for ultimate glowing skin and the need for anti-aging clean ingredients is now over with the discovery of Ocosmedics Immortal Cream and Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser.  Scent is make it or break it for me.  These green beauty products are barely scented using pure essential oils and extracts.  If you are in need of correcting sun damage and pigmented skin with a dose of super hydration the Immortal Cream does the trick.  It has V8 Peptide Complex containing mega doses of Vitamin C and potent concentrations of antioxidants.  The topical muscle relaxant SNAP8 is like photoshop for your wrinkles.  I’m feeling like I can look young forever while using an environmentally conscious product.