Our very first issue happens to come out on my most favorite month of the year…. August.  A time when we are basking in the peak of the long, hot summer days probably covered in something made out of coconut oil.  When the sunsets cast an amber glow in your beachy spray hair. Your sun kissed skin somehow makes you look skinnier and your clothes look better on you.  No wonder August feels so good!



The sun has it’s wonderful upsides but as we know, very damaging to our skin and hair.  In the summer I do my best to keep my blonde locks healthy. My must-have is the sea salt organic Ocean spray from World Salon.  It brings out the natural wave in my hair with extra volume and texture so I get that “just surfed an hour ago” look.



Using a hair mask is the perfect way to repair and protect from breakage. This is super important if you are hanging out in chlorine pools or the salty ocean all day.  This season, I wash my hair using Schwarzkopf Blond Me tone enhancing shampoo to maintain my pale highlights.  I follow up with Wella FusionPlex mask which I put under a shower cap while I do everything else to give it enough time for the amino acids to do its job of rehydrating and end to end bond repair.



Still have white legs?  My ultimate sun tanned legs come from St. Tropez self tan Bronzing Spray.  I prefer to do this out on my terrace since it can get a little messy.  The best way to help apply it is to use the flat sponge mitt that comes with it.  This way you can even it out after you have sprayed and focus more on the areas that need extra color.




I love some colour on my face but I don’t love frying in the sun.  The healthy alternative to direct sunlight is to organically protect yourself from harmful rays with Coola SPF30 Organic BB Cream. Not only are you getting non-toxic sun protection with rose extract for moisture but it also gives you a healthy tanned glow with a very sheer veil of color.  Coola Nude Beach lip balm SPF30 is a perfect way to have a natural pinky lip as well as protection.  You can find these at www.detoxmarket.ca



At the end of a sun filled day I can’t wait for that extra dose of hydration on my face.  I’ve been loving the Mirigal High Voltage Oil.  It has prickly pear, jojoba, rose hip and argan oil known to be full of antioxidants to protect against free radical damage.  It is super hydrating and just soaks up my skin. The scent is so amazing it smells like you are at the spa. It’s not greasy and absorbs fast which makes a good primer base before your foundation for a dewy glow.  Find it at www.mirigal.com



It is such a great feeling when you get a fresh mani-pedi.  I’m a fan of the nude, beige and soft neutral shades. They match anything you wear and aren’t so bad if you manage to get a chip.  Lac It! Santorini Sand long lasting gel polish from en Vogue is a pale beige shade that is my go-to summer look.  For toes try French Lilac for a subtle pastel pop of color. The perfect part about en Vogue is that they believe in green technology using gel products that contain no solvents or harmful chemicals.  What a great way to maintain your long lasting, chip free almond shaped daggers and summer toes.



This season these are on my Essential Summer Beauty list.  Hope you enjoy them too!