By: Cheri Medica

The pandemic has changed Marca College in a very positive way. We have tapped into our online abilities alongside our digital platform with Pivot Point International to provide our students with the most current innovations happening in the industry. Our students can log into their account 24 hours a day to review their curriculum and current events and connect with their educators. This allows us the convenience of providing them with the most up-to date information possible.

Our partnership brands, L’Oreal Professional, Matrix Professional, and Dermalogica, have been key participants in offering virtual education to our students. They have provided technical classes, look and learns, and retail education through digital media with worldwide artists. We have found the pandemic allowed us to pivot to a more digital way of facilitating our education and has only made our students stronger by connecting them to more material and expanding their minds.

The pivot to a more online approach was a smooth transition due to the community of our partnership brands, Marca College’s educators, and our in-house curriculum team. By coming together for a common goal of providing our students with a high level of education, we were able to combine ideas, resources, and knowledge to turn the pandemic into a positive learning experience and grow as an educational institution.

Throughout the entire pandemic, we noticed a steady amount of future professionals enrolling in our programs. In the past, our industry was frowned upon because it was seen as a part of the service industry. Since the pandemic, we now illuminate an elevated lucrative vibe which has attracted new faces. This is a constructive, positive outcome for the beauty industry. There is a newfound appreciation for beauty professionals.


The pandemic caused people to reconsider what was important in their lives and if they weren’t necessarily happy with their current career, they decided to make a change. Many took this refreshed perspective to alter their path to a passion driven career choice and what better choice than the beauty industry. BY CHERI MEDICA Photographer: Vito Ciliber to T Marca College will continue to offer additional education for our students. Whether our students are taking expert classes, connecting with platform artists, or accessing online resources, they will continue to learn and grow as the future leaders of our industry. Marca College is always striving to find new ways of educating our students to fulfill their needs and the needs of the industry itself.

At Marca College we promote diversity, authenticity, belonging, and the best version of oneself. We want the next generation of the beauty industry to be confident, skilled, and truly reMARCAble.