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What is the Powder Group all about?

Community. Focus. Passion. Artistry. For 18 years, we have been connecting pro makeup artists to each other and to the brands that love and support them. We have produced live programs around the world and across every genre of professional makeup artistry. What really makes us different is our 360 degree approach to artist development. We don’t only produce makeup-focused programming but include career, business, personal development, wellness, and creativity training in our programming.

How did the pandemic change your business format?

Like everyone else, across pretty much every industry, our community was forced to shift and evolve when the pandemic hit. We had already planned to include new digital programming across our offerings in 2021, but COVID pushed everything to 100% virtual. We produced more programs and featured more presenters in 2021 than in any previous year. We went all in and did everything we could to keep our community focused and moving forward together. We also publish On Makeup Magazine, and while we love and will continue to publish the print edition, we also went digital this year to allow more folks to gain access to each issue.

How well has your community adapted to digital events?

I think people were participating as they had only two options for their future careers—sink or swim. Participating in virtual programming was a way for them to stay focused and optimistic. But as much as we all have missed live, in-person programs, I think that, over time, the virtual events have become a bigger matter of opportunity that has really worked well for our pros and brand partners alike. We can have access to so much more from right in our home, studio, or office than we ever could before. From around the world, we have people who are so excited to be able to be a part of our TPG community and the programming that we share.

Any downside to virtual as opposed to in-person programs?

Well, of course, we love to gather as a community and be surrounded by so much support which we couldn’t do (plus NOW WHAT REALLY MAKES US DIFFERENT IS OUR 360 DEGREE APPROACH TO ARTIST INTERVIEW WITH DEVELOPMENT. MICHAEL DEVELLIS hugs from your friends and colleagues when you’re on a Zoom). What I think is most interesting is how we, as a pro beauty family, have adapted to virtual and have found ways to make it feel as energetically good as being together in a room. Community is community, and when you are a part of something bigger than yourself, that is the main thing. Being there for each other in whatever way is possible.

When is your next live event?

We have our big biannual program, The Artist Summit, coming up October 3-8 in Provincetown, MA. The event will be a big homecoming for our community as it’s the first big in-person event we will do since Fall of 2019. We have had two smaller live programs this year, Evolution and Elevation, which are both 20-participant, retreat-style events, but The Artist Summit is the big one. The three-day program is filled with more than a dozen keynotes featuring some of the most loved voices in our community. For the first time, it will also be broadcast online, so folks can join us from anywhere they are. It’s going to be one big, amazing family reunion…finally.

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