The duo behind UMA, the new gadget for hair professionals, come from very different backgrounds. José García (aka @ kumenhair), a Spaniard, and Brendon Geel Botha, a South African, were fated to meet shortly after Geel Botha’s arrival in Spain. Needing a haircut, Geel Botha ended up at García’s hair salon. With limited vocabulary and by means of gestures, García managed to interpret the style Geel Botha wanted. Twenty-one years later, Geel Botha recalls how he has only had a haircut elsewhere if he was looking like a scarecrow during business trips.

Together, Geel Botha and García aim to provide hair stylists with ways to further exploit their artistic potential while having fun creating in a unique, new way. This is the reason behind UMA: a blank artist canvas where hair professionals will be able to create to their heart’s content.

An UMA Eco-Board does not discriminate. She is meant for every hair stylist, regardless of technical capability, and suitable for all hair types. It will hone the users’ skills and help them understand hair behaviour better.

You may be wondering whether you can use UMA in your business. The answer is yes! She is a perfect fit for any professional hair business, including salons, independent stylists, franchises, home services, and even those who fashion wigs for a living.

Lightweight and sturdy, with hundreds of millimetric laser perforations to create textures, UMA Eco-Board stands out because of her passive design, meaning she doesn’t need electricity to function. She is waterproof, and her board is made from raw materials that are not only recycled but also recyclable. If mother nature needs a change of season hairdo, she is bound to ask for an UMA look!

UMA Technique’s purpose is to serve hair professionals, which is why their founders aim at forging direct relationships with stylists around the globe. You now have the opportunity to discover what other hair stylists have already described as the next “must-have” gadget.