We joined Sonya Dove at the Wella Toronto Studio to hear about her unique colouring techniques using Kolsten Perfect.  She created five high fashion, modern yet intricate styles on her models that were stunning and sophisticated. The choices of colour placement were a unique approach to hair colouring using intense shades that still have a commercial feel.  

We particularly loved the two sided colour on a straight bob where an under layer of red tones were used on one side underneath the layer of hair and blue tones were used on the opposite side.  When you changed the part in the hair you could reveal either shade and as much of the colour as you decide. So versatile!

Dove created a combo of grey and vibrant yellow which sounds like a big contrast but again because of placement created a subtle combo and a flexible look depending on how you styled it.  

We were shown how to create a zig-zag hair style effect using pipe cleaners, foil and a flat iron which is a softer alternative to the coat hanger method.

Dove spoke of how to achieve the perfect colour correction and how she decides on placement based on the model or client in her chair.  She stressed the importance of the person sitting in front of you and not just the trends.

One of her important messages that stood out was how to take care of yourself and follow your passion.  She commented on how our industry makes us care takers. We are constantly looking after others but sometimes forget about ourselves.  Her resounding message was- don’t wait to do what you love and feed your soul.  We heart you Sonya!

Photos: Edward Kowal

Wardrobe Stylist: Joanna Plisko