Have you ever wanted to get inside your client’s mind to see what they need from their salon experience? Phorest’s research and data teams have done the work for us. By compiling thousands of surveys and real-time data from clients and 10,000 salons, Phorest has uncovered exactly what the client of 2022 wants and needs from their salon visits.

Potential clients don’t search for a salon name anymore, instead they use search engines to discover neighbourhood spots, as 57% of searches were for “local salons or salons near me.” 21% of those surveyed are more focused, searching by the name of the exact service or product brand they want. Simply put: clients are looking for what you do and the products you carry. Make sure to log into your Google Merchant Center and Google My Business accounts to list your services, otherwise, you may go unnoticed.

The short answer is both! While these factors rank highly for a third of consumers, a whopping 52% said that referrals from friends or trusted influencers were more important. While price and convenience ranked lowest, the value of your reputation can’t be overlooked. To reinforce the importance of those 5-star reviews: 84% of people who get a referral check you and your reviews out online, not your pricing.

We asked guests who have never purchased from a salon where they would like to purchase products. And guess what: they wanted to buy from you! Half of all guests say they’ll buy whatever the stylist tells them to but are not given recommendations. Furthermore, 41% want their salon to put them on an automatic replenishment program, meaning clients want your products, and they want you to keep them coming!

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