By: Martin Flaherty

COVID has accelerated our adoption of remote and cyber technologies by five to ten years. This coincides with Big Tech companies hyping the coming of the “digital metaverse.” You may have seen Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook wearing his VR headset, conducting a staff meeting through his avatar to other cyber connected avatars. This is an example of a branded metaverse, and it’s about to get much more complex.

The stacking of infrastructure across various electronic platforms is becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Have you ever noticed that Google or Apple want to create your passwords for you and auto-fill your personal information fields on other websites? You can now use your Facebook credentials to sign onto other platforms. This is a small example of infrastructure stacking that is already creeping into our cyber lives.


Over time, all of our e-commerce transactions and regular salon business will be conducted in this fashion. Imagine a world with no physical inventory, where stylists, salon owners, and distributors all earn their commissions on retail products sold online. Today, eye-catching recommendations on social media allow beauty pros to make a passive income. The possibilities and opportunities are endless, which is why hair professionals must adopt early to ensure their space in this new hyper-connected environment.

This is where ManeFrame steps in. ManeFrame is a base camp in the metaverse for hair professionals. It starts out as a FUN place to hang out, collaborate, share ideas, and work with colleagues to build FAME within the pro beauty community. In the future, it has the potential to connect hair professionals with real FORTUNE through recommendations and alignments with beauty brands.

Take a scroll through ManeFrame for a new way to connect with your beauty colleagues and brands today. Maneframe is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download it from the Apple Store. Android coming soon.

IOS Download: Maneframe