Jackie Shawn boasts a long, successful career in beauty as an international makeup and hair artist in the fashion, entertainment, and advertising industries. But her approach to beauty standards and application took an about turn when she developed a sensitivity to chemicals in cosmetics after compounded years of exposure. This change inspired a profound journey of healing and the discovery of the connection between the face, mind, body and soul—in herself and others—through aromatherapy.

The chemical reaction that changed Jackie’s life was triggered by an odor-eliminating spray used on the bed sheets of a hotel she was staying at. The standard household freshener caused a massive headache, memory loss and speech problems and left Jackie bedridden and inflamed for two months. But that didn’t deter her passion for beauty. Following a full recovery, Shawn embarked on a three-year deep detox, stepping away from chemical-laden beauty products, and exploring methods of natural skincare and makeup application techniques that focus on cellular health and Pro-youthing. 

Her research during this time heavily surrounded body burden and chemical toxicity in beauty products, propelling her to become a student of aromatherapy. Today, she is a Certified Aromatherapist Health Professional and owner of Wholistic Beauty Lab (WBlab) in Toronto, where she specializes in energy work and skin therapy in a process she coined Slow Beauty, because creating true beauty from the inside out takes time. Shawn uses a range of tools and processes including singing bowls, crystals, and natural oils. “My sessions weave facial acupressure, sound therapy, and energy work with essential oils which support and realign energies, allowing you to radiate your true beautiful self,” Shawn explains. 

Staying true to her holistic approach, Shawn asserts, “We go through emotional changes every day, and yet we follow the same skincare routine for years. We need to adapt our self-care processes to align with our vibrations.” Shawn notes that the vibration of many mainstream beauty products are negatively affected by unethical sourcing and harmful ingredients. That’s why WBlab creates bespoke skincare products like serums, creams, and scrubs, tailored to clients’ specific energy signatures and emotional experiences. These products are infused with lavender, manuka honey, tourmaline and other ingredients from the earth, helping all to reveal their inner and outer beauty. It’s truly customized beauty, naturally at its best!

Shawn’s ultimate goal: to help her clients leave her space loving what they see in the mirror, but more importantly, feeling their best on the inside. “Inner beauty,” she says, “can’t be washed away. When you love yourself, you radiate. When you are healthy, then your skin will look beautiful.”

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