Social Media Savvy

5 Ways To Connect With Your Clients Online 

As a hairstylist or salon owner, you might be surprised by how much a social media strategy can strengthen your salon business or client community. Online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not only the perfect tools to showcase your salon as an inviting and engaging place, but it’s also a great way to share images of your latest work and ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos and videos. Here are five great strategies to optimize your social media and capitalize on its business potential.  

1) Elevate Your Social Media Profiles 

As a hair and beauty expert, you’ll get more followership if the content you’re posting is interesting and of value. Because of this, it’s important to optimize your profiles and ensure that they show your salon and latest work in the best light possible.  

Additionally, be sure that existing and potential customers can easily find the information that they might be looking for, such as your salon’s phone number, address, and a list of services. The easier you make it for them to choose you as their beauty service provider, the more likely it is that’s exactly what they’ll do. 

2) Strut Your Stuff 

Do you have a special talent for foils, extensions,  colour, or this season’s edgiest cuts? Why not show the world your skills? Create regular posts of your signature services to attract new clients who want the services that you love to deliver. Along with showing yourself off as an expert on existing clients, use the opportunity to give hairstyle suggestions, talk about the latest trends and help people understand the need for having the perfect hairstyle for the right season or occasion.  

3) Engage With Your Followers 

When someone leaves a comment, make sure you respond. You want to show others that your social media sites are a spot where customers can interact with you and your brand. Furthermore, keeping your online profiles active and updated on a daily basis are key to reaching your audience and creating a constant influx of potential clients. When your customers talk about you online, it leads to more clients coming in. And remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Getting other members of staff involved with posting and commenting can really introduce some needed creativity!  

4) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words  

When making an impression on potential future clients, there’s nothing more impactful than a good before and after photo. This process is even more powerful if your client shares the photo on their page too, so their friends that may not know you yet get an introduction to your work. One way you could prompt your clients to share on your behalf is to offer an incentive for any business that comes your way in the form of complimentary products or a percentage off of their next service.  

Additionally, imagine the results if every stylist has a flyer on their mirror inviting customers to like or follow the salon’s social media pages. To incentivize clients, consider giving away a free gift such as a small bag with product samples. 

5) Be Where Your Audience Is  

With over 2 billion active profiles on Facebook and another 800 million users on Instagram, it’s a pretty safe bet that most of your existing and potential clients are on one of these two powerhouse platforms. Of course, there are plenty more options out there like Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. However, your marketing success will come from investing time on those platforms where you have the greatest potential reach and engagement. And remember, don’t spread yourself too thin! It’s better to have a fantastic presence on one platform, than a lackluster presence on three. 

Whether you’re a seasoned industry pro or a newcomer, with the powerful exposure provided by social networks, you can attract not only potential customers but can also build your business as a strong brand. If your goal is to build a profitable salon business, then owning a piece of real estate in cyber-space is a must. Author and marketer, Seth Godin, said it best with, “you can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople.”