Stephen Moody Transforms Model Jazmin’s Hair

By: Vanessa Chiu

At the Mexico City Wella TripleCraft event, Stephen Moody (Wella’s North American Education Director) and David Nieves (Wella’s NYC Studio Signature Artist) met model Jazmin Crow, whose hair was “extremely fatigued.”

After a consult, together they created a visionary plan to bring Jazmin’s hair back to life with “an exciting “convertible” colour placement with a modern confident shape.”

To give Jazmin this look, the line is longer at the back and rounds upwards, giving focus to her lips.  Stephen notes that the “graduation is Triangular using a tad of elevation and firm tension”; the layers are triangular, where David had created a silver panel and dark panel of colour that can move with Jazmin

Finished off with Wella EIMI Perfect Me and a Vess brush, Jasmin’s hair transformation gives her a sultry sexiness and a fresh feel that reflects her personality.


Color: NYC Studio Signature Artist: David Nieves @david_wellastudionyc

The silver panel: Wella Illumina color 9/18 with 1:2 pastel developer

The dark panel: Koleston Perfect 20g 6/0 + 20g 6/77 120g water

Processed for 30 minutes, then added 160g of developer. (same as the total amount of color with water)


Cut: Stephen Moody North American Education Director @hairmoody

Using Mizutani Limited Edition Stephen Moody scissors


Styling: Wella EIMI – Perfect Me + Thermal Image + Glam Mist


Photographer: Louis Diaz


Model: Jazmin Crow