Heather Wenman has colour down to a science. For more than two decades, Wenman, known affectionately by her friends and colleagues as H, has been an elite colourist and hair artist helping clients achieve the stunning hair transformations of their dreams. But of all the colours Wenman has worked with over her impressive career, perhaps the most notable has been green. Studio H, Wenman’s multi-award winning diamond level hair salon, barber, and medi-spa, located in the heart of London, Ontario, is Green Circle Certified and fully committed to keeping their establishment Earth-conscious. 

Studio H encourages eco-friendly practices both in their salon and in their community through several green choices in their salon. When serving clients, they use biodegradable reusable towels that clients can take home to up-cycle cutting back on the water, detergent, and electricity required to launder standard towels. Studio H also provides recyclable tote bags to clients and offers discounts to those who return their empties.

ECOHEADS salon showerheads are also a huge part of how Studio H does their part to save the planet. These powerful showerheads have double the water pressure, but use less water and reduce chlorine. Not only are these showerheads great for the environment, they negative ions they generate help clients get softer, healthier hair. Studio H’s moves toward sustainability have earned them fierce customer loyalty, increased retail sales, and a growing number of new clients who seek out the salon specifically for its green-consciousness. 

Wenman’s own interest in going green developed after the introduction of ammonia-free hair colour helped her reduce her daily intake of harsh chemicals, providing the huge medical benefit of relieving the recurring stomach issues she experienced for over 20 years. Now, Wenman uses L’Oreal’s Botanea Herbal Color and refill station and the Source Essentielle hair care products almost exclusively in her salon to minimize chemicals and reduce Studio H’s carbon footprint. The switch to ammonia and perfume free colour products has made it possible for Wenman to continue to co-direct the colour department in her salon without having to worry that abrasive chemicals and scents might cause an adverse reaction for her or clients. 

Wenman is a big fan of L’Oreal’s ongoing efforts to make their products better for the health of their clients and the planet by using vegan and botanical ingredients and reducing plastic with refillable containers and in-salon pumps. Her relationship with the brand  goes all the way back to 2002, when she became one of their Portfolio Artist and Ambassador. Just last year, she was honoured by L’Oreal with the role of Naturality Ambassador, a position perfectly suited to Wenman’s environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Wenman and Studio H have earned several other accolades for their investment in actively minimizing the damage the beauty industry causes the planet. Studio H was named a finalist Business Integrity, Social Corporate Responsibility, and Environmental Leadership awards, and won the Contessa Community Service John Steinberg Award. 

Find Heather at: Studio H

Interior photos: Andrew Stephenson Shake Media