Lune Beauty Boutique

We sat down with Samantha Kaye from Lune Beauty Boutique which is a full service salon and spa in downtown Toronto.  Kaye has an exclusive loft space on one of the trendiest streets on the Eastside. Here we discuss the challenges of going out on your own and promoting a business starting from scratch as a single boutique owner.

Photo: Kris Caetano

CH:  What made you decide to leave a busy Yorkville salon to go out on your own?

LBB: I decided to go off on my own to pursue my freelance bridal business which I was building on the side.  After 15 years in the industry and a great experience growing and learning in one of Toronto’s best salons I felt it was time to follow my childhood dream of having my own salon.  My sister and I found the perfect studio loft and location to build a conceptual beauty boutique. We wanted a private space offering all salon services specializing in bridal hair, makeup, beauty services, hand-made hair jewelry and fascinators.

CH:  What were your biggest challenges starting out?

LBB:  Coming up to almost four years in business, there has definitely been some challenges along the way.  One of our biggest challenges was not being a store front, so we have very little foot traffic to depend on.  Another challenge was starting off with a small client base and having to build all over again.

CH:  How have you been growing your client base?  

LBB:  Determination, persistence, passion and a lot of hard work!   We are grateful to have a supportive community and network of friends who through word of mouth have referred most of our business.  Having a sidewalk sandwich board on the Carlaw Avenue stretch has brought in new business to our Leslieville hidden gem. We also advertise on Wedding Wire for bridal leads and use our social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to grow our online presence, stories and photo gallery.

CH:  How did you become a bridal beauty expert?

LBB: I knew from a young age that I had a natural talent and loved how creative the industry is. I used to do my friends hair and makeup in school for fun which gave me the confidence to further a career in it. With many years of consistent training, traveling and working in London, Australia and New Zealand I perfected my techniques and skills.

The bridal industry became an interest  because of how rewarding it felt being a part of someone’s special day.  I worked alongside many creative talents world wide, educated and ran the makeup department at a beauty school inspiring and sharing my knowledge while learning from other experts in the field. The beauty of this industry (pun intended) is the never ending vortex of new techniques, product development, business opportunities and access to creative education and inspiration.  There is always something new and exciting happening in the world of beauty and fashion stimulating our creativity.

CH:  Where do you see your business in the next five years?

LBB:  We see ourselves expanding our salon and bridal team, offering more  education and workshops for pros and clients. We are big supporters of green living and using vegan/cruelty free products and would like to continue growing with an approach to health and wellness. I have always loved the weather and lifestyle in California so we may expand our bridal team where the sun is always shining!

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Cover photo: Kris Caetano