By Vanessa Chiu

Revive the hot summer nights of Studio 54, mix in the sexy glamour of the seventies, disco, unbuttoned satin shirts and cut-out silk jersey dresses circa Tom Ford at Gucci in the nineties. Throw in some fabulous Halston and Yves Saint Laurent fashion, and a steamy dance floor – this is Ultraviolet.

Colour Palette
True to inspiration from Tom Ford during his time as Creative Director for Gucci in 1994, the Ultraviolet colour palette is just as sultry, complete with pink dusk and blush nudes, spiced honey and velvety plums, with bases of white orchid and black dahlia.

Colour Technique
Ultraviolet hair is super chic and well groomed, feels natural yet bold. The tones this season have sections of solid burnished colours that are subtly diffused with a classic Sassoon veil. Creating tone and depth on textured hair, overlapping foil techniques are used; to add definition to straighter hair, soft weaves are placed through the part.

Cutting Technique
Classic Sassoon shapes are given an edgy modern take with reverse layering. The lines of the A line bob and Halo are subtly divided, allowing for different effects depending on the area of the head being worked. Depending on the width of sectioning, the hair can be made to be more dramatic or whimsical.

Hair: The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes

Photography: Benjamin Vnuk 

Makeup: Daniel Koleric

Styling: Mathilde Dutheil