A Perfect Ten Idea

We spoke to Kristen Gale the founder of THE TEN SPOT to hear the why and how she developed a business that resulted in her being one of PROFIT magazine’s top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada in 2016 and on PROFIT 500’s fastest growing companies.

How did you come up with the Ten Spot concept and why?

My father always said to me: ‘You can do anything you want, just make sure it’s a business!’” So that’s what I set out to do.  I am a graphic designer by training and was looking for an untapped but sustainable niche in the marketplace to launch and grow a company.  I basically took a leap of faith when I noticed a gap in the spa service industry and not only started a company, but a new industry.

How long did it take for the business to get up and running to your first location?

I had the idea for my business in May of 2006 and by August 1st we greeted our first guest!

How has the business of nails changed since you started this concept?

It has changed, for sure. Gel polish didn’t exist at the time of inception – so manicures were popular since regular polish tends to chip within a few days. Since the arrival of gel polish we’ve seen a massive increase in this service category.  In general, I think that the services we offer (manis, pedis and waxing) are seen today as necessities rather than once in while luxuries.

What made you decide to franchise vs. owning and operating many locations?

The growth opportunity!  Franchising allows a brand to grow at lighting speed as you have investors in the brand that are working to build the brand as much as you are.

You have been expanding your services more and more over the years.  Are you looking to become a full service spa?

Right now we succeed at the niche offering of nails and hair removal.  Those maintenance services that women come in for monthly.  We consider ourselves a full service beauty bar – very different from the typical spa. 

How many Ten Spot professionals do you have on board now?

We have 25 franchise partners in our system. Each of their locations range from approximately 8-20 staff members. Currently there are 27 locations open with 43 total locations sold in Canada to be opened in the coming years, plus we are expanding into the  US market this year.

A big congrats to Kristen on behalf of beauty professionals in this industry trying to get ahead.  I hope some of your advice will be inspirational to others and we are looking forward to your ever expanding empire!

Find out more at www.thetenspot.com