By Charlotte Singmin

Ingestibles are a tour de force in terms of beauty trends for 2019: powders, dusts and supplements are embodying the idea that “you are what you eat,” particularly when it comes to achieving a glowing complexion and healthy hair and nails. 

How do ingestibles work? For the most part, a combination of powerhouse nutrients and superfoods delivers a concentrated boost of trending ingredients like alma berry (rich in antioxidants), collagen (promotes skin elasticity, and healthy hair and nail growth), matcha (a potent antioxidant), probiotics and prebiotics (which support gut health), and adaptogens (which help manage stress) to improve the body’s overall health and, as a result, the appearance of our skin.  

While ingestibles have their sceptics, it does make sense that maintaining a healthy diet and supporting proper digestion has a “beautifying” effect.

Capsule-form supplements in beauty and wellness are also climbing in popularity, but ingestible powders are really taking the lead. Brands like Aura Inner Beauty, a just-launched Canadian ingestible brand) offer a filler-free combination of probiotics, prebiotics and antioxidants designed to dissolve in water or your non-dairy milk of choice and nourish from within. 

Australian beauty brand Beauty Chef, sold exclusively at Detox Market Canada, offers a complete line of ingestibles that improve gut health and enhance collagen synthesis, which helps to create gorgeous skin from the inside out. Beauty Chef offers a bio-fermented protein powder/superfood supplement and probiotic elixir boosts, as well as powders for optimal sleep. It has natural beauty covered from head to toe; it even provides recipes on its website that incorporate ingestible offerings.

Canadian natural-supplement brand Well Told Health crafts concentrated formulations of plant-based ingredients to support overall health and wellness. The brand’s sleep supplement boasts a simple––as in no fillers and chemicals––yet non-habit-forming and effective combination of lemon balm and goji berries to promote rest and relaxation. Which, we all know, helps us look our best.

We’re finding that ingestibles are an easy way to boost your skin health and contribute to your overall wellness––we’d definitely suggest recommending them to your clients and trying out some of these brands yourself.

Find Wellness/Beauty expert Charlotte Signmin @charlotteannas