In our post pandemic world, there has been intense focus on the state of our mental health. We and our clients have been stressed out trying to maintain some form of normalcy in our lives. With no idea of the type of day or week our client has dealt with, how can we keep our appointments positive and uplifting?

The salon environment should be a place of serenity where our clients feel relaxed and at ease. Stylists sometimes feel the need to fill their appointments with non-stop conversation. Given the state of our mental health, the Silent Appointment was born, offering clients the option to engage in conversation or
bow out. We spoke to master colorist Amanda Freeman from Blyss Salon in Toronto about this service.

“Despite doors opening up again there is still a percentage of clients that are feeling uneasy coming back in. Fortunately, we have been able to comfortably space things out. I have two stations over on the aesthetics side of our salon. Clients feel like they are in a secluded VIP section,” says Freeman. Aside
from physical space, Freeman builds relationships, “I have serviced my clients for a long time. I can read their mood and always tailor my communication to the way they are feeling.”

“Taking emotional wellbeing into account, now we could incorporate mood information into our service
menu or consultation, asking a question like: On a scale of 1-3 how are you feeling today? A client might be seeing more than one person in which case staff can share this information about their client. Occasionally, the client doesn’t wish to speak at all: We call this the Silent Appointment. This allows
the client to respectfully tune out by either closing their eyes or engaging on their cell phone, no pressure from either side of the chair. If you have less square footage, schedule the Silent Appointments within a special time frame. Share these hours on your social media and let people know: “We are having quieter hours/days at this time,” says Freeman.

“Occasionally, I extend my hair color service to include a soothing scalp massage using Davines lavender shampoo. Scent and physical touch are important; clients trust us to touch them. Applying color or
receiving a blow dry can be very relaxing,” says Freeman.

“Service and skill work hand-in-hand. You need to be a kind person so that your clients look forward to seeing you; high expectations should be a standard. How the stylist interacts with their client is so
important and this is the time to create a new kind of experience for those who appreciate a silent moment.”