Lisa Tuff is an editorial hairstylist and makeup artist known for her versatility with scissors and extensions and her ability to create runway-worthy faces. Her work has appeared at New York Fashion Week and in several renowned beauty publications. Now, Tuff is adding a new endeavour to her impressive resume: Busy Issues, a training program for busy hair stylists and salons that want more balance and wellness. 

Why did you start Busy Issues?
Having a successful business behind the chair doesn’t always mean you have success in your personal life. After suffering from burnout and breakdown, I had to rebuild my business in a way that supported my physical and mental health. I’m excited to share so many of these rituals and structures that can give hairstylists a happier, healthier and a more sustainable career that supports their overall wellness. 

Where have you taught this program? 
So far, only in Toronto, but I am currently working on scheduling, pricing, and boundaries. I’m also working on mentorship calls with hairstylists and guiding them through creating their own morning rituals to support their mental health. 

What are the benefits of Busy Issues? 
Learning a holistic approach to creating happier, healthier, and more harmonious hairstylists with rituals and techniques that maximize creative flow and support the longevity of our minds and bodies through a demanding craft. In Busy Issues, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Anchor anxiety and tap into your divine creativity.
  • Implement a quick, simple pre-appointment aromatic breath ritual for you and your clients that can be customized for calm or energy (even with a mask on).
  • Practice a simple acupressure technique to take your scalp massages to another world of well-being and relaxation.
  • Set boundaries to avoid clients running your life and schedule.
  • Use my favourite techniques for getting into my creative flow for designing editorial hair or before any creative process.
  • Earn more and work less through consultation efficiency that lets you make sure your clients are willing to support your business while you work to achieve their needs and desires
  • Create a schedule that supports you and what you need to be your best and highest self in the salon with self-accountability. 

Why have you chosen this time to offer this program? 
I’m finally in a much better space mentally and physically, and I felt a strong calling to create this workshop to connect and support other hairstylists while helping them learn through the challenges that I’ve had to overcome.

What types of things does Busy Issues include? 
In the Busy Issues Workshop, we have fun! We start off with a movement practice that helps to move out old, stagnant energy, followed by a grounding and cleansing practice. Being able to start off the workshop with fresh, calm energy and a clear intention is superb. We then get right into body awareness, setting boundaries and addressing other issues a salon may be experiencing in these areas! We sometimes create full-day workshops that include hands on cutting or editorial styling classes following Busy Issues. 

Bookings for Busy Issues will reopen January 2021 and will be available Mondays and Tuesdays. Workshops are 4-8 hours depending on the salon and whether the salon wants to do a hands-on workshop. 

To book or learn more, visit 

Instagram:  @lisatuff_tilu