Richie Rivera talks about Blondes

We chatted with the North American Colour Director at Sassoon, Richie Rivera about the Spring/Summer 2019 hair trends out of L.A. and the U.K.

Rivera was recently in Toronto teaching a new course called Sassoon Blondes.  The course was created because he found there were lots of questions about how to approach lightening hair.  The class covered inquiries like how do you get even bleach placement, how do you choose your toner selection and when you should use bleach versus high lift.  With the big trend right now in vibrant colours, learning how to create the perfect blonde is super critical to be able to obtain the shade you are looking to achieve.  

Talking trends…Rivera says he is inspired by street style and the teams that do their own hair.  He has also noticed that neon colours are making a come back. An interesting trend from Sassoon this spring is the ‘50/50’ which is a colour blocking technique that recalls Ginger Spice’s bold 90s look with a two- tone colour within a blonde palette.  For a more modern approach the colours aren’t as severe using pastel tones for a light and softer feel. This can be a dramatic look depending on our colour choices.  Rivera says “think of the technique placement that can be adapted to your clients not the colour/formulations.”

Rivera’s take on the ‘50/50’ is a classic veil two tone tint with one shade on the top and one on the bottom.  “This technique you are modernizing it extending the veil to work internally to the sides and the temple so that it’s more blended rather than a stark contrast.”

“Sassoon is all about shape and balance. They don’t just colour the hair they colour the haircut.  Whatever is suitable to the person in the chair is where the creativity comes in.”